What Is Neem Oil Good For? The Uses, Benefits & Side Effects Of This Powerful Natural Remedy

neem oil beneficialIf you are looking for better hair and skin there is no better oil to try than neem oil. This oil is derived from seeds of the neem tree and it is one of those few beauty solutions that have been proven medically. It is incorporated into many beauty lotions and other products but if you look in the right places you can find the pure form.

What is organic neem oil good for?

Neem oil is great for both hair and skin. Every part of the neem tree is useful – the bark, the leaves and the seeds all contain an ingredient called azadirachtin which has many medical properties. It is an antifungal, has antibacterial properties and is also anti-parasitic.

The tree itself is native to some parts of Asia and Africa and the natives who live where it grows have used it for hundreds and possibly thousands of years to take care of various conditions. When consumed, although it is extremely bitter, it can cure a variety of illnesses and it is also good for strengthening the immune system.

The oil of the neem tree, which is extracted mainly from seeds but sometimes from fruit, is great for skin because it contains all the things that skin and hair need to stay healthy and look radiant – triglycerides and triterpenoid, fatty acids like oleic acid and linoleic acid and more.

What are the benefits?

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to get from neem oil:

• It has great anti aging properties since it contains carotenoids which keep wrinkles away as well as antioxidants which keep free radicals away and also help fight cancer.

• Neem oil is great for acne since it has an aspirin-like compound which kills the bacteria that causes it. It also helps relieve redness and irritation and also prevents formation of acne scars. It works the same way for eczema.

• If you have stubborn ring worms, nail fungus or athletes foot you should find pure neem oil as it has been known to treat these conditions effectively and quickly. Scientific tests have proved that neem can kill more than 10 types of fungus.

• If you suffer from chronic dry skin neem oil will make it better. It moisturizes so deep within the skin that dryness is completely eliminated. It is also an excellent skin toner.

• Neem oil is excellent for restoring even pigmentation to the skin. As we age skin can begin to look blotchy which affects appearance. If you want to make it all the same color apply neem oil every day.

• As for hair, it is great for treating dandruff, getting rid of frizz, killing head lice, removing split ends and promoting growth.

Does neem oil have any side effects?

So far there are no known side effects of neem oil. You have, however, to be careful and and only buy the pure form. Many neem products in the market contain more additives than the main ingredient and these can have side effects.