The Most Powerful Neem Oil Insecticide Recipe

neem oil pesticide formulationIf you have heard of neem oil you probably know it as great for skin and hair but did you know that it can be used as an insecticide as well?

There is a debate as to whether it really works – there are some who believe that it doesn’t but that is because they don’t use the correct preparations, and also because they expect to see it working like any other insecticide – it doesn’t kill them dead right away but it does affect them in different ways.

The Slow But Sure Death

Insects have hormonal processes going on inside them the same way that humans do. They help them know when to eat, when to mate and reproduce, when to hunt for food and so on. Neem works as an insecticide because it affects these processes.

Once you have a good neem recipe and you spray it on insects it gets absorbed into their bloodstream. Over time, it “confuses” the insects by slowing down and shutting down the production of hormones.

If insects do not know when to eat they will die. If an insect cannot eat it dies; if it cannot reproduce the colony dies out. If it is producing malformed eggs they never hatch and the colony is decimated. That is how neem insecticide works.

By interfering with the natural processes of insects it eventually eliminates them completely. Those who contest whether or not it works expect it to work right away and when they don’t see that result they dismiss it. It is, in fact, quite an effective way of getting rid of insects.

If you care about the environment neem insecticide is a much smarter way to go – it only kills the insects and nothing else. In case you are wondering how much of it you need, you will be happy to know that you need very little since it works in very low concentrations.

Neem Oil Insecticide Recipe

The best way to use neem as an insecticide is to prepare your own formulation at home – the ingredients are perfectly safe. How much neem you will use depends on how resistant the insects are. If they are in large numbers and are multiplying quickly use a few more drops. There are many neem recipes that you can use but there are some that are very simple. Here is one example:

• 5ml of pure, pressed neem oil

• 3 tablespoons of detergent

• 1 liter of warm water

Mix these ingredients and spray on the insects or the places where they frequent. If you want more of the solution increase the quantities. These particular amounts will give you a 0.5% concentration. If you want a 1% concentration you will need:

• 200 ml neem oil

• 30 ml detergent

• 20 liters of water.

How To Use This Powerful Pesticide Formulation

Neem oil natural pesticides are easy to use. Just spray directly on the insects but if you can find their colony it will be much more effective because that is where the insects spend most of their time.