How Can Neem Oil Help With My Skin & Hair Problems?

for hair and skinWe all want to improve our appearance, and one way to do that is to use neem oil for skin and hair. This is a kind of oil that is derived from the seeds and fruits of a tree with a similar name and it is known for its many benefits – it is not just for your skin or hair but also for curing common illnesses. Neem oil is however best known for the impact it can have on both skin problems and hair trouble.

Neem Oil For Skin Problems

Skin problems are rather common – millions of people suffer from acne or eczema. These skin problems may look like minor problems but to those who suffer them they can be debilitating – not only does the skin look unsightly when it flares up, the scars these flare ups leave affect ones looks.

Although these conditions are hard to treat, one solution that has been proven to work is neem oil. It contains an aspirin-like compound that kills the bacteria that causes both conditions. In addition to that it has high levels of fatty acids that get rid of scarring. It also helps reduce inflammation. It isn’t just beneficial for acne and eczema – you can use it to cleanse the skin and it also make your pores smaller.

Does It Help With Skin Pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation is a problem that many adults have to live with. Instead of hiding it by using cosmetics you should try using neem oil on a regular basis.

Neem oil contains chemicals that slow down the production of melanin which is responsible for the discoloration. It also reduces existing amounts of melanin leading to a fairer skin. If you can find pure neem and use as directed you will see your skin becoming fairer over time.

Neem Oil For Better Hair

If you apply neem oil to hair on a weekly basis you can expect to see a big improvement since it has a lot of properties that are great for it.

If you suffer from an itchy scalp and dandruff, neem oil or shampoo will bring its pH levels down reducing the dryness that causes these conditions. It also takes care of frizz – just add a few drops of it to the water that you will use to rinse after you shampoo.

Thinning hair is common as we grow older but you can keep your hair thick and luscious by the regular use of neem products. Bottom line – by investing in a good neem-based product you will transform your hair into a beautiful mane.

Does It Help With Hair Growth?

Yes; in addition to eliminating dandruff and frizz, you can also expect to see better hair growth if you use neem oil and shampoo. if you are happy with the shampoo that you are using now try and add a few drops of neem to it or just apply a few drops of it to your hair before you rinse and wait a few minutes.

Remember, you have to look for high quality neem oil products if you want to enjoy real benefits.