Neem Oil For Dogs – Best Flea Treatment?

canine-friendYour furry friend has been struggling with ringworm or mange for months now and no drug seems to be able to cure it. Do not despair – neem oil will do the trick in no time at all.

Many dog owners watch their dogs suffer for long periods with different skin conditions without knowing what to do. The vet may prescribe ever-stronger medications which do not cure it. In fact, these medications only affect the dog’s nervous system. Instead of watching your pet suffer you should try pure neem oil.

There are many uses of neem oil for dogs. It seems to be very useful in treating all kinds of skin conditions in dogs. It can clear up ringworms, fleas, mites, dryness, itch and many more. In fact, it seems to be heralded as one of the best natural flea treatment products for dogs currently on the market.

The best thing to do as soon as you observe your dog behaving abnormally is to try using neem and see whether the problem will disappear. The other good news about neem oil is that it works almost overnight. Problems that persisted for months despite treatment disappear in no time at all.

You don’t have to use neem only when your dog is sick. You can use it on a regular basis when he is healthy to make sure that he has a great, sleek coat. It also seems to help dogs get stronger teeth as well as a stronger immune system.

How To Use Neem Oil With Your Dog

There are several ways that you can use neem oil on your dog. One of the best ways is to use neem spray – just spray it all over the coat of the dog, making sure that affected areas get a good dose.

You don’t have to buy commercial preparations – you can make your own neem spray at home. That way you know that you are using the purest form of neem and that there are no chemicals that can harm your dog. Look online for recipes – you need no more than 3 or 4 ingredients and your preparation is ready in minutes.

You can also buy neem shampoo. If you choose to go this way you should make sure that you buy a trusted brand. Alternatively, if you have pure neem you can add a few drops of it into your bottle of dog shampoo and then wash your dog on a regular basis.

You can use pure neem as well but you cannot apply this undiluted or directly over broken skin – it can be painful. Find a recipe online that shows you how to dilute and then make a spray or shampoo and use that on your dog.

To boost your dog’s health you can buy neem powder or leaves. Make sure that he gets a balanced diet and add the powder or crushed neem into it. Don’t worry – it isn’t bitter like the oil and your dog will not notice it.

Any Side Effects Of Neem Oil On Dogs, Is It Safe?

Yes, neem is safe so long as it is applied in the prescribed proportions.